SIA "Global Nordic Metals"

Our experienced dismantling expert team will be at your fingertips to help you complete your dismantling project, no matter how big or small it is. We are proud to work with both private and commercial customers and strive to satisfy all your requirements with the Class A service.


Qurry development
Building demolition
Road construction

About us

SIA “GLOBAL NORDIC METALS” is a company engaged in the dismantling of various buildings and structures, rehabilitation of territories, as well as construction of various pavement roads and parking lots. The company has all the necessary dismantling equipment, which is the largest and most powerful in the entire territory of the Baltic States. Thanks to that, we can perform dismantling works in the short term and in high quality. The company carries out demolition works of various sizes with special equipment. The cost of each order is evaluated individually for each item. The price can be specified in advance by studying the object.